Why do I pay for a video ahead of downloading the file?

BackTrack Video, Inc. uses PayPal to pre-authorize a payment method and streamline the transaction process.  If a video is Accepted, the payment will process.  If a video is Disputed, BackTrack Video will step in to determine eligibility for a process charge.  If you feel you have been charged in error, please call us at 888-404-6232.

How do I pay for videos?

BackTrack Video, Inc. currently uses PayPal as its main processor.  Payment is also available via credit card.  If other payment methods are required for a sale, please contact us.

How do I file a dispute for a video?

If you feel that your minimum requirements are unmet, please click the Dispute button.  We will be notified of your Dispute and contact you via email or the phone number supplied in your account info.

Can I order multiple videos at a discounted rate?

If you need multiple videos, please contact us ahead of purchasing any videos.  You may qualify for a discounted rate.


What if my cameras don't view the road/intersection?

You can re-position your cameras manually or call us for a consultation to review your camera(s).  Alternatively, we can place a camera or camera systems for you.  Please call us at (888) 404-6232.

How do I correct my registered camera position (Google Map location is off)?

As you type your camera's address, Google will begin to place a pin at the location.  If you find this location isn't placed correctly, you can click the Google map in the centralized location of the camera; a new pin will generate.  Clicking Submit will Save your updated camera location.

How do I get paid?

BackTrackVideo, Inc. currently uses PayPal as its main processor.  A PayPal account is required to transfer the payment.  Need help setting up your PayPal account information?  Call us at 888-404-6232.

How do I upload a file that may be larger than 100MB?

If video of an incident exceeds 100MB, we recommend the use of video editing software to trim the length of the video or reduce resolution.  Please contact us if your file is larger than 100MB, the full length of the video is needed.